Counseling & Referrals

The ADRC is here for you and your family.  Our staff offers unconditional support and professional counseling services to individuals and their family members impacted by Alzheimer’s disease or a related cognitive impairment. 

What can you expect?

  • A dedicated care consultant who will listen
  • Assistance navigating the caregiving process
  • Insight into understanding how Alzheimer’s disease progresses
  • One-on-one or family group consulting sessions. (These can be conducted in person, at several convenient ADRC locations across Long Island, or via telephone or conference call.)
  • An ongoing resource for additional questions, sharing concerns or addressing changes

Alzheimer’s disease is progressive and moves through a series of stages, each which create more challenges and limitations.  Families are encouraged to reach out to us at any time, and as many times as needed, throughout their loved one’s Alzheimer’s journey.

An important process we facilitate with families is collaborating on a care plan for their loved one.  The care plan clearly identifies current challenges, solutions and provides appropriate referrals to necessary service providers.  The sessions are both supportive and educational.  We understand how overwhelming and all-encompassing the role of a caregiver can be.  Our people, our knowledge and the resources we trust are all here to help.

Support Groups

Knowing that you are not alone helps people cope with the stress and issues associated with caregiving for a person with Alzheimer’s disease.  ADRC hosts a series of support groups across Long Island.  Please click below to find a group that works for your schedule and location.  Attendance is free of charge.

Resource Guide

ADRC has worked with the Alzheimer’s community on Long Island since 1983.  We know, from our grassroots involvement, the most reputable, effective people and organizations and precisely what they offer.  We provide this information, in a convenient, comprehensive Resource Guide to our clients. 

Resource Library

ADRC’s Bay Shore headquarters features a comfortable and quiet Resource Library.  It is filled with helpful information that users can take with them on the individual service providers or organizations ADRC recommends in our Resource Guide.  In addition, it contains a series of reference books on Alzheimer’s disease and associated topics that our clients may borrow.